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Severe Cases of Gynecomastia - Patient 38

Before and after photos of a 16 year old, 5'6 and 200 lbs patient from Brooklyn, New York City, NY was had developed an extreme form of Gynecomastia at the age of 10. This is a condition in which the male breasts become enlarged due to the formation of mammary tissue beneath the male breasts resulting in an enlargement. Although he desired to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle by participating in sports or gym activities, his embarrassment over the appearance of his chest caused him to refrain from doing so. This caused to not only weight issue but also becoming socially withdrawn. Concerned for his well-being, both physically and mentally, his parents brought him to Dr. Blau for a comprehensive, 90 minute consultation. After discussing the situation with Dr. Blau, they knew they surgery was the best option for their son. Male breast reduction surgery was performed in which the mammary tissue was excised followed by liposuction. As can be seen in the post-op photos, there is much improvement of the entire chest area. The patient and his parents are extremely happy with the results and the young man looks forward to a new opportunity in life without being held back by his condition. Dr. Blau is hailed word-wide as the leading authority world-wide in Gynecomastia surgery and is also a well-accomplished author on the subject.

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