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Nipple reductions

This page deals only with nipple size and not the areola. The nipple itself consists of ducts that originate from glands. Under a microscope, these glands resemble grapes while the ducts look like stems. While the nipples have a practical function in females (transmitting milk), in men, this is not the case.   Although men have the same nipple structure as females, male nipples are residual from an early infancy stage before any sex differentiation was determined.


 Nipples, in terms of size, length and width, are all different. They can also be flat, inverted or cylindrical in shape. Most males have an areola of about 1 to 1 1/2" inch diameter while the nipple size is typically small, narrow and short, which contribute to an overall masculine appearance. Males can suffer from deformed and abnormally shaped nipples that may be long, wide, or a combination of both. When this deformity occurs in men it is termed "nipple abnormality" and it can be easily and safely corrected by nipple reduction surgery when performed by a surgeon who is experienced in gynecomastia.



A technique for nipple reduction (size, shape and length) was developed and pioneered by Dr. Blau, who has since performed hundreds of surgeries using this technique. Nipple reduction surgery can be performed by itself or in conjunction with gynecomastia surgery.  Many men with this condition are uncomfortable wearing tight shirts or exposing their chest at the pool or the beach. Unfortunately, many physicians and patients are not aware that this embarrassing deformity can be corrected in a simple outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. The results look natural and when this procedure is done correctly, no one will know that the procedure was ever done. The incisions are inconspicuous and there is no reoccurrence. 


As with all cosmetic surgery, results are most gratifying when expectations are realistic.


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