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Gynecomastia in Bodybuilders - Patient 20

© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photos
© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photos
© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photos

This is a 38 year old patient from Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY with Bodybuilder Gynecomastia. He had become a bodybuilder as a teen and as a result, he had developed a true Gynecomastia condition, which occurs due to the formation of excessive glandular tissue. Although the patient is muscular, the tissue formed on top of the muscle causing the breast to become enlarged. He had already attempted to have liposuction performed on the breasts with another plastic surgeon but the surgery was not successful and in fact, the breasts became even more enlarged. Upon doing much research and interviewing several plastic surgeons, the patient decided upon Dr. Mordcai Blau, board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience. He was impressed to learn that Dr. Blau is hailed world-wide as a leading authority in his experience and knowledge and Gynecomastia surgery and specializes in bodybuilder Gynecomastia. Surgery was preformed, excising the head and tail of the glandular tissue. Liposuction was not necessary. As can be seen in the photos, the excised tissue was severely large, measuring 110 grams (one half pound). The patient is extremely happy with the results and has seen no reoccurring enlargement since the procedure.

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