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Asymmetrical/Unilateral Gynecomastia - Patient 24

© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photographs
© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photographs
© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photographs

This is a 24 year old Upstate New York, Putnam County male, who is 5'10 and 220 pounds, who had developed Asymmetrical Gynecomastia. This condition is the result of a development of mammary tissue located underneath one breast. In this young man's situation, the right breast was not only larger but also shaped differently than the left breast. He felt very uncomfortable with the appearance of his chest and began avoiding places such as the local gym in the public pool. He even tried layering clothes in an attempt to hide his uneven chest. He sought the expertise of Dr. Blau, board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience. Dr. Blau is a leading authority world-wide in his experience and knowledge on Gynecomastia surgery and is also a well-accomplished author on the subject. The patient was also impressed to learn that over 50% of Dr. Blau's practice is dedicated to the correction of the condition. Male breast reduction surgery was performed, a procedure in which the mammary tissue was excised, along with liposculpture in order to ensure symmetry over the chest area. The patient is thrilled with the results and feels liberated to be able to remove his shirt in public without his former embarrassment.

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