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Asymmetrical/Unilateral Gynecomastia - Patient 14

© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photos
© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photos
© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Photos

This 20 year old patient from Wilmington, DE began noticing the signs of Asymmetrical Gynecomastia at an early age during adolescence. This is a condition where one breast becomes significantly larger than the other due to an abnormal development of fatty tissue underneath the breast. This is a condition that occurs in virtually one third of patients suffering from Gynecomastia, and in this patient's case, it was not correcting itself with age. After considerable research he settled on a consultation with Dr. Blau, board certified plastic surgeon and world-renowned in his expertise on the subject of Gynecomastia. The patient underwent male breast reduction surgery, excising the excess fatty tissue on the affected left breast (the right breast was untouched). This Wilmington, DE patient is very satisfied with the outcome and is now enjoying activities that he enjoys, such as going to the beach. Dr. Blau sees patients from all over the country, including patients from Cleveland, OH, Louisville, Ky, and Saginaw, MI. Please contact his office at 914-428-4700 for further consultation.

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