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Gynecomastia in Adolescents - Patient 18

© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Pictures
© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Pictures
© Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Pictures

This is a 19 year old male from Manhattan, New York City, NY who had been enduring Gynecomastia, a condition in which there is an abnormal development of mammary tissue located beneath the male breast resulting in an enlargement. The patient began experiencing the condition in early adolescence and although mild Gynecomastia case often correct themselves by the age of 17, in more severe or tubular cases, such as was found in this patient, the condition will not disappear with maturity. The patient consulted with Dr. Blau, board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience, because he is hailed throughout the world as a leading authority on Gynecomastia surgery. The patient was also happy to learn that over 50% of Dr. Blau's practice is dedicated to the correction of Gynecomastia. Male breast reduction surgery was performed, excising the head and tail of the mammary tissue followed by a small amount of liposuction. The incision is only 1 inch in diameter and is not noticeable. The patient is extremely happy with the results. To learn how to set up a consultation with Dr. Blau, call 914-428-4700.

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